Colin Powell

Regarded as a saint by the Israeli loyalists of the MSM, he led the coalition forces in the first Gulf War with a program of overkill.

Subsequently as Ambassador to the UN under Bush Jr., he unsuccessfully tried to sell the WMD justification for the second Gulf War after the 9/11 attacks.


Richard Perle Trojan Horse

In order to advance their agenda of world domination, the neocon elites had to trick America, just as the Greek freebooters of Homer’s epic had to trick Troy in order to gain access. Thus arose the expression “Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts”.

Richard Perle was the one Washington insider who had complete access to
Pentagon software and codes. Coincidentally the mascot of his alma mater is a Trojan.

Please stay tuned for more exciting episodes of Neocon Watch to come.

Bush Jr

From a highly dysfunctional family, George W Bush led the country into two wars but paradoxically kept us out of WWIII. Congratulations.
Please stay tuned. More in depth news to come. Tomorrow’s feature the whacky spin doctor of death.

Michael Chertoff Judge Draconian 

🇮🇱Perhaps this dual citizen Bush appointee can fill in the rest of us rubes on why the Israeli agents photographers and 9/11 cheerleaders were released after 9/11, while innocent Muslims were held without trial. And while he’s at it, let us in on who really did blow up the towers and building #7 at the WTO, and the Pentagon building, if not other Israelis? We really would like to know.
More in depth news to come. Next up, the paragon of US government stupidity.